Erene Dellaporta's Bodies

"My babe, you are my body, my mind, my love, my shield, my protection, my strength and my vulnerabilities, as much as I am yours. We are learning side by side, our bodies growing together as one, intertwined, interwoven, bound by love. My body is something different to what it was, something less foreign, something I seem to be more forgiving of, something that gives me the power to create, which brings me more peace than ever before. It has learnt the need and beauty in slowing down and being present, while the mind is still full of energy and dreams. This body, is now yours as much as it is mine. It is now cherished for housing you. It was reborn, albeit with many changes, joys, struggles, passions and woes, with the birth of you."

My body, her body, your body, their body, our body, who’s body? by Erene Dellaporta, 2021.