An Ode to Mother is a platform about motherhood with a small curated selection of products made for all mothers out there. 

"Motherhood is being a mom. I know this sounds tremendously simple, for such a complex task, but for me it actually all comes down to that. There's not one way of being a mother, and that's actually something I learnt when becoming one."

Antonella Tignanelli

Xenia and Edward II

An ongoing series by Emma Hartvig. 

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"Motherhood is an encounter with yourself, constantly. Pure transformation."

Mònica Marmo

"Showing this story is so important for human growth, evolution and healing. Motherhood, balancing work and motherhood, birth and nipples... it should all be seen as normal, wonderful, not a threat or something to be censored or behind closed curtains. We are living in 2020, it's never been more important to talk and see both motherhood and birth. All stories within this realm are valid, important and special."

Ilsa W. H. Kidd