Waiting for Elio

Waiting for Elio is a personal series by Emma Crichton. "This is a personal project that I did while I was pregnant with my son, Elio. I started the project while back home in Scotland at Christmas in 2019 and continued it up until Elio was born in the middle of August 2020. The series is a mix of self portraits, landscapes, still lives and drawings. I don’t usually take self portraits but I wanted to record how my body was changing and I wanted to remember it.

My pregnancy coincided with the full lock down in spring when we weren’t allowed to leave the house. I focused on small everyday objects around my flat to photograph. It was a good distraction to the monotony of every day. I also started an online drawing class which a friend of mine set up and I found that to be very therapeutic. The landscapes are places I enjoyed going when I was pregnant, outside, in nature and towards the end of my pregnancy it felt so good to be in the water. The last picture is of my son Elio, the day he was born."